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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Managing Stress in Data Engineering: Data Quality and Testing Techniques for Data Observability


Why do 78% of data engineers wish their job came with a therapist to help manage work-related stress?  

The number one issue identified by those 700 respondents was too much time on finding and fixing errors.   They know every data source, code, configuration, and tool in their data estate will give them problems at the worst possible time.   Who wouldn’t be stressed when things could break and you wait for the inevitable customer email telling you things are wrong?  

Chris Bergh, a DataOps expert and CEO of DataKitchen, and Chip Bloche, a data engineer with decades of experience, will share detailed examples and techniques that you can implement today, including:

  • How to observe every data journey from source to customer value.

  • Reduce production errors to zero while increasing the delivery rate and lowering the risk of deploying new insight.

  • How to learn from past mistakes and orgainze your team to make testing a part of their daily work.

Therapy is great, but the answer is to build observability, testing, and automation with DataOps into your day-to-day data work.

About the Speakers


Christopher Bergh is a Co-Founder, CEO & Head Chef at DataKitchen. 

Chris Bergh





Chip Bloche is a Director of Data Engineering at DataKitchen

Headshot Chip Bloche