James royster video webinar

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Driving Data Analytic Team Excellence Through Agility, Efficiency, and Aphorisms:
James Royster, Karuna Therapeutics


Data Analytics is a team sport.  There are many specialized roles and skills.  Like any sports team, your audience boos when you fumble a ball or laughs when you are late to the game.   James will guide us through years of experience working in data, giving insight to many commercial customers and leading highly efficient and effective teams.  How do you make your data customers cheer?  His humor and wisdom will show through in discussing how you get a talented team of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts to deliver original insight quickly with low error rates.  


You will learn the following:

  • Why it’s better to get your customer something 70% right today than give them something 100% right a month from today.
  • Want a real superpower? Have the power to say: sure, we can do that … we’ll have a first draft in a couple of days.
  • Do you know what “don’t be a hero” really means? Don’t solve problems; figure out how to never create them in the first place.
  • Why multiple takes lead to highlight reels!

James Royster

James Royster is the Vice President, Commercial Operations, Insights, and Analytics at Karuna Therapeutics. He has over 25 years of experience in business analytics, pharmaceutical brand launch strategy, and project management. He and his teams have provided analytic tools to facilitate decision-making in complex situations, adapting to rapidly changing priorities. As Head of Data Strategy & Operations at Celgene, leading an MS product launch, he orchestrated a team of over 100 internal and external resources operating as a single unit. That launch was a unicorn in the Pharmaceutical world – resulting in a product with over a billion dollars in yearly sales.  He was responsible for data infrastructure development and data quality.