On-Demand Webinar

The Celgene Story: Building a Billion-Dollar Product Launch Success with DataOps


Rajesh Gill, Associate Director of Commercial Insights at Amgen, discusses how the Otezla Data & Analytics team at Celgene (now at Amgen as part of Otezla divestiture), used the DataKitchen DataOps Platform to understand customers and markets and build a billion-dollar product launch success.

Rajesh shares how DataOps enabled Celgene's Data & Analytics team to:

  • Foster a culture of change, automation & iteration;
  • Dramatically improve cycle time – from weeks to one day – & reduce errors to virtually zero; &
  • Reclaim time for innovation by eliminating obstacles to responsiveness & quality, like data silos, errors & time-consuming pipeline maintenance.


About the Speaker

Rajesh Gill-1Rajesh Gill is an experienced marketing insights professional with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. He joined Celgene in 2017 & held various commercial roles including data strategy & ops, commercial insights & forecasting with increasing responsibilities. He played key role in building analytics capabilities for the inflammation & immunology franchise utilizing key insights to drive growth for the billion-dollar brand.  Prior to working at Celgene, Rajesh gained valuable experience in consulting, focusing on self-service analytics.