DataOps in Practice, Swedish Style with Lars Albertsson


DataOps requires a cultural shift that brings the principles of lean manufacturing and DevOps to data analytics. It breaks down silos between developers, data scientists, and operators, resulting in rapid cycle times and low error rates.

At Spotify in 2013, the concept of DataOps did not exist, but the Swedish company needed a way to align the people, processes, and technologies of the data organization to accelerate the development of high-quality analytics. The result was a Swedish-style DataOps, influenced by Scandinavian culture and agile principles, that enabled the company to become a true data-driven leader.

Lars Albertsson describes Spotify’s DataOps journey, including what worked, what didn’t, and key lessons learned along the way. He also shares the concepts, tools, and processes critical for DataOps success.

About the Speaker


lars_albertsson-1Lars Albertsson is the founder of Scling, providing data-value-as-a-service, customer-adapted data engineering, analytics, and data science. He is a frequent conference speaker on big data technology, privacy, data strategy, and DataOps. Before founding Scling, Lars worked at Google, Spotify, Schibsted, and as an independent consultant, helping organizations create value with data processing technology.  You can follow Lars on Twitter @lalleal.