Using DataOps to Drive Agility & Business Value


At the May 2021 CDO & Data Leaders Global Summit, DataKitchen sat down with data leaders from Invesco, GE Aviation, and AstraZeneca to learn how they use DataOps to drive agility and business value. 

We discussed why and how their organizations pursued DataOps, how to maximize ROI with DataOps, and key lessons learned along the way.

About the Speakers


AstraZeneca Kurt Zimmer Headshot SquareKurt Zimmer is the Head of Data Engineering for Data Enablement at AstraZeneca. His Data Enablement team is tasked with creating an enabling framework & capability to support foundational data with backbone technology & functions in support of AstraZeneca's move to better address its massive data assets. His team also supports frontline execution teams & business units with new, innovative approaches to large-scale, automated data delivery & governance.


James Tyo Invesco HeadshotJim Tyo is the Chief Data Officer at Invesco. He has more than 25 years of risk management, data analytics & executive management experience. At various points in his career, he has been a CDO at financial institutions such as Nationwide, BB&T & USAA. His team's goal is to provide trusted data services for business optimization, owning & delivering on the data & analytics strategy by enabling alignment of needs, skills & governance across the lifecycle of solutions through improved data accessibility & analytic capabilities.


Ryan Chapin HeadshotRyan Chapin is the Founder & President of Trusted Consulting, LLC. He has more than 25 years of aerospace engineering, data analytics & executive management experience. As Executive Manager of Digital Services Solutions at GE Aviation, he led a team focused on linking data science, physics, & the Internet of Things (IOT) to drive services productivity. They were able to deliver ~$3B in services & labor productivity through innovations like Digital Twin creation, shop cost & time on wing analytics, & launch of customer analytics centers in Dubai & Shanghai.


Chris Bergh

Chris Bergh is the Co-Founder, CEO & Head Chef of DataKitchen, a DataOps software & services startup. He has more than 30 years of research, software engineering, data analytics & executive management experience. At various points in his career, he has been a COO, CTO, VP & Director of Engineering. Chris is a recognized expert on DataOps. He is the co-author of The DataOps Cookbook & The DataOps Manifesto & a speaker on DataOps at many industry conferences. You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisBergh.