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Data Observability and Data Quality Testing Certification Series (Part 1)

We are excited to invite you to a free four-part webinar series that will elevate your understanding and skills in Data Observation and Data Quality Testing. This series is crafted for professionals eager to deepen their knowledge and enhance their data management practices, whether you are a seasoned data engineer, a data quality manager, or just passionate about data.

  • Session 1: Setting the Stage for Data Excellence.  In our opening session, we will explore the foundational concepts of data testing versus data quality and discuss the critical role of data testing within the data journey. Our expert, Eric, will guide you through a live demonstration of pre-production data testing strategies, including data profiling and initial data hygiene scans, focusing on identifying and addressing the dozens of anomalies impacting data quality.
  • Session 2: Enhancing Data Reliability in Production.  Our second session will delve into the intricacies of data testing during production. Chris will overview data at rest and in use, with Eric returning to demonstrate the practical steps in data testing for both states. You will learn about our twenty-eight data profiling quality checks and the eleven best practices for custom data validation tests, ensuring you can maintain data integrity even in the most dynamic environments.
  • Session 3: Mastering Data Testing in Development and Migration.  During our third session, the focus will shift towards regression and impact assessment in development cycles. Discover the best practices for functional and performance testing and essential insights into data testing as part of data migration projects. This session is crucial for those looking to ensure data consistency and accuracy across different stages of data handling.
  • Session 4: Towards Data Testing and Observability Maturity.  Our final session will cover the roles, management, and metrics involved in data testing and introduce you to the Data Testing Maturity Model. We will discuss measuring testing efforts effectively and how robust testing practices can lead to fewer errors, increased data trust, and enhanced productivity.

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About The Series

Participants will receive a free Data Observability and Data Quality Testing Certification upon completing the four-part series and successfully answering homework exercises using DataKitchen’s open-source Data Observability Software.  Slides and recordings will be provided.  Our schedule