From Dark to Light How Open Source Data Observability Revolutionizes DataOps



DataOps Observability and DataOps TestGen enhance data pipeline reliability by allowing users to monitor and validate their data across every stage of the data journey, from source to customer. Our decision to share full-featured open-source versions of these products stems from DataKitchen's long-standing commitment to enhancing productivity for data teams and promoting the use of automated, observed, and trusted tools. It aligns with our company's philosophy of sharing knowledge and now software to inspire teams to implement DataOps effectively.  


We will show how you can:
  • Patch Or Pushback: Understand And Check Data Pre-Production
  • Polling: Arrival Abberation Alerts: Find Problems In Constantly Changing Data With Anomaly Detection.
  • Production: Check Down and Across:  Locate Problems During Production Before Your Customer.
  • Plug-In: Who Watches the Watchmen?: Integrate Your ToolChain Quickly
  • Pull: Observability During Development: Regression and Impact Assessment: Data Migration Projects

We invite you to an interactive 40-minute session in which we will illustrate how DataKitchen’s Open Source provides granular observability of complex Data Journeys and identifies errors and their root causes in real-time and with open source! 


If you are impatient, it's simple to install and has a short walk-through that you can try today