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 Agile, DataOps, and Data Team Excellence


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To paraphrase an old saying, “It takes a village to get insights from data.” Data analysts, data scientists, AI/ML engineers, and data engineers are already working in teams to deliver insight and analysis, but how do you get the team to support experimentation and insight delivery without ending up in a big mess? Gil Benghiat will discuss achieving agility, DataOps, and Data Team excellence. These steps contain practical, doable steps to help you achieve data agility.

After looking at trends in analytics and a brief review of Agile, Gil outlines the steps to apply DevOps techniques from software development to create an Agile analytics operations environment with W. Edwards Demming's efficiency. He explains why “don’t be a hero” should be the motto of analytic teams—emphasizing that while being a hero can feel good, it is not the path to success for individuals in analytic teams.

Gil’s goal is to teach analytic teams how to deliver business value quickly and with high quality. 

About the Speaker

Gil Benghiat is one of three founders of DataKitchen, a company on a mission to enable analytic teams to deliver high-quality value quickly and with the tools they love. Gil's career has always been data-oriented, starting with collecting and displaying network data at AT&T Bell Laboratories, managing data at Sybase, collecting and cleaning clinical trial data at PhaseForward, integrating pharmaceutical sales data at LeapFrogRx, and liberating data at Solid Oak Consulting. Gil has an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BS in Applied Mathematics/Biology from Brown University. Now that he has completed hiking all 67 of New England's 4,000 peaks, he is exploring Boston harbor islands from a small sailboat.