Map and Monitor Your Data Journey

Wednesday, November 2 at 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT

[Live Webinar] Map and Monitor Your Data Journey

Can you draw a map of all the paths data takes from source systems to production insight delivery?  How many tools, technologies, configurations, and paths do your data take during its production process?   What is the ‘run-time lineage’ of data in your organization?  

Can you create a map of those data journeys?  And if something goes wrong, do you know where to find the problem or judge its impact?  Can you answer simple questions from the business user?  When will my dashboard be ready?  Why should I trust this data?

DataKitchen CEO Christopher Bergh will break down a ‘Data Journey’ and show mapping the run-time lineage of your data-to-insight production process is the essential missing piece of your analytics architecture.    And once you have that mapping, how to actively monitor, track and test a Data Journey to ensure rapid delivery of insight, low data errors, and high rate change to production systems with few regression errors.

Specifically, Chris will cover:

  • What is a Data Journey, and why is run-time lineage essential
  • How you can map your Data Journey
  • Active monitoring, testing, and checking your data journey reduces hassles and increases customer trust in your data and insights.
  • How you can start this process today with DataOps Observability.

About the Speaker

Chris Bergh

Christopher Bergh is CEO & Head Chef at DataKitchen, a DataOps software & services startup. Chris has more than 30 years of research, software engineering, data analytics & executive management experience. At various points in his career, he has been a COO, CTO, VP & Director of Engineering. He is a recognized expert on DataOps & speaks about DataOps at many industry conferences. Chris is the co-author of The DataOps Manifesto, The DataOps Cookbook & Recipes for DataOps Success. He is also a trainer for The Fundamentals of DataOps training and certification program. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisBergh.